News & events
Shipment to Knit-a-Square
Early in March 2018 we sent yet another shipment of your wonderful knitted items to South Africa, totalling:
54 blanket packs
40 whole blankets
250 hats
195 toys
182 pairs of hand warmers
resulting in many more warm, happy children.
.....and more blankets

Rolled up blankets ready to be packed
Beautiful blankets

Just one of the beautiful blankets we sent to South Africa
Child Africa
We are now working towards donating knitted squares and whole blankets to Child Africa. This Norwegian based charity seeks to improve the lives of vulnerable and orphaned children in Uganda through education. More news soon.
Monthly meetings

Hard at work!
Meanwhile, back in Oswestry we are thrilled to welcome lots of new volunteers to our monthly meetings in the Library. We meet at 1.30 pm on the last Wednesday of each month to tidy the knitted squares we have received, sewing in 'ends' and getting them ready to be made into blankets. This is an enormous help to us and, as you can see, there's no shortage of fun and laughter. Do join us if you can.
Operation Sunshine
Operation Sunshine is a well established charity based in Kent. They support several schools in Zambia and an orphanage in Lesotho and are always happy to receive knitted items. So far this year we have sent them about 200 knitted jumpers of varying sizes, from toddler to teen. They also work hard teaching the women of the villages how to knit and sew, enabling them to make clothes for their children and also to earn money. We will soon be sending knitting needles and sewing items to help them make a difference to the lives of these desperately poor families.
Operation Sabre

Our donation is in here somewhere!
Once again we are delighted to support Operation Sabre and met up with one of their volunteers just before they headed off to Transylvania in 5 refurbished fire engines, packed with humanitarian aid, including the lap blankets, toys and baby clothes we provided.
Knit a Square

Vacuum bags ready to be put into the boxes
Early this month we packed and shipped another 10 removal boxes to South Africa containing 2,256 blanket squares (enough for around 64 blankets) 49 whole blankets, 306 toys and 110 hats. Lots of warm children!
May 2017
We continue to support Operation Sabre and in May delivered two car loads of clothes, blankets, toys and other humanitarian aid to Oswestry Fire Station, ready to be transported to Romania.
Royal Shrewsbury Hospital
In June we were delighted to be able to donate a dozen twiddle muffs to The Royal Shrewsbury Hospital, most of them having been made and donated by the knit and natter group in Meole Brace. They were received with much enthusiasm and we have received a lovely thank you letter. More twiddle muffs will be delivered to the RSH soon.
At the end of May, we shipped 10 removal boxes of squares, blankets, toys and hand warmers to South Africa. They should arrive towards the end of July and we hope to be able to post pictures of the volunteers opening them.
Operation Sabre Update

Pam and Lynn with volunteers from Operation Sabre
In early June we were delighted to be able to donate more toys, blankets and warm clothes to Operation Sabre. They were on their way to Transylvania once again, taking 3 refurbished fire engines and support vehicles to this desperately impoverished area of Romania. They also support a maternity clinic and care home for the elderly so they were immensely grateful for everything we were able to provide. As a mark of their gratitude, they presented us with a cast iron plaque, commissioned by them and forged in Ironbridge. filled!

We used a grant from the Treble Niners who are based in Oswestry to buy plastic boxes so we can see what we have. Here they are, piled high.
The new shed...

Elaine, Pam and Lynn anxiously waiting to be let into the new 'shed'
Moving day

Our old caravan
We are delighted to report that our new 'HQ' is now finished and occupied. We had a grand moving day on the 4th May and it was all hands to the pump to empty our old caravan of all your lovely knitting, then stack it into the new 'shed'.
In November last year we started monthly sessions at CHALK, the community project shop in Oswestry at 17 Leg Street, Oswestry SY11 2NL where we have been made very welcome. At these sessions we ask volunteers to sort and tidy squares as well as sewing the squares into blankets. Everyone is welcome to come along to knit, crochet, sew or just natter. Tea and cake are provided although we ask for a nominal 50p to cover the cost.
Our next session will be on Wednesday 27th April 2016 from 1.30pm to 3pm. Do join us if you can.

We are very excited to announce that our new ‘HQ’ is in the process of being built. Up to now, we have been using a static caravan, donated by some wonderful friends, to store all the lovely knitting we receive. Unfortunately, this elderly caravan is beginning to fall apart so our friends are building us a shed. The concrete base has been laid and the walls are beginning to go up. We will keep you posted as the work progresses.

A lovely lady from the Oswestry area took 100 blankets out to Malawi last year for orphaned and vulnerable children. This month (April) she will be going again, taking two extra suitcases containing blankets and baby clothes which we are delighted to have donated.

On Easter Saturday we delivered 3 boxes of jumpers and hats to Share Aid who were holding a collection in Oswestry for Syrian refugees in Greece. Volunteers from the charity travel to Greece to ensure that the aid is getting to the people who most need it.

In January we sent six boxes to Knit a Square in South Africa containing 3,197 squares.
Operation Sabre

Here are Pam, Elaine and Lynn with Dr Steve Worrall, Chairman of Operation SABRE UK and some of the team.
An excellent new contact for us is Operation Sabre UK - a group of volunteers from Shropshire Fire and Rescue service and Merseyside Fire and Rescue service helping out less fortunate people in eastern Europe. They take refurbished fire fighting equipment to Romania, give training on its use and also distribute much needed clothing and aid as well as doing decorating and maintenance for the community. They were thrilled to take from us sacks of toys, clothing and blankets for those in need which they delivered to Romania in early November. They will be going again in June 2016 taking more of your knitting.
We continued to distribute throughout 2015 to our regular charities, in particular Knit a Square in South Africa and Wrexham Maelor Special Care Baby Unit. We have also sent aid to International Aid via the Oswestry Methodist Church and, in response to the current refugee crisis in Calais, we have supported the new CHALK community project shop in Oswestry with 60 hats and boxes of blankets.
The ladies at the CHALK shop took the aid to Calais in November but only after liaising closely with the aid workers in Calais to check what was needed and when they could manage to distribute it as conditions there were somewhat chaotic.