Welcome to Knit for Life

We believe that so many people love to knit but perhaps no longer have a reason to do so.  We can help to solve that problem.

Many deserving causes need knitted items, from blanket squares to twiddle muffs as well as toys, hats, jumpers and baby clothes.  We want to encourage everyone to use their skills to knit or crochet whatever they enjoy making and to take or send their handiwork to the many worthy causes that will not only appreciate your work but desperately need it.  To help you, we have provided an up to date list of charities in your area that would appreciate your help.  Unfortunately, we are a very small charity and have neither the womanpower nor the funds to accept knitting in the post for forwarding.

Knitting has been shown to aid relaxation and alleviate stress.

Knitting for a cause also brings a sense of purpose and self-worth.  Why not help yourself by helping others and spend some time doing what you enjoy?

If you are thinking of knitting for charity, you might like to read these brief words of advice that we have put together based on our experiences.  Unless you are knitting baby clothes, please make sure that what you knit is large enough.  A child’s head is as big as an adult’s by the time it is 4 years old so if you knit a hat to fit your  head it will be big enough.  Children are taller than they used to be, even in areas of deprivation, so please make sure that jumpers are long enough.  The patterns that we recommend have been tried and tested.

We regret to say that we, along with virtually all other charities, can no longer accept the ‘fish and chip jumpers’ that have been so popular amongst knitters.  For various reasons, these are no longer needed but the more standard jumpers and baby cardigans are always welcome – see our pattern pages for some ideas.

If you live in Shropshire, where we are based, we can help directly by receiving and distributing your work to the charities that we support.  These range from local hospitals to charities supporting vulnerable children in South Africa and Eastern Europe but they all have one thing in common; they all operate a direct action policy so your work will go straight to those who need it.  We are particularly keen to involve the elderly, the disabled and those who may be isolated for any number of reasons.  If you are involved in the caring profession in Shropshire and you think someone in your care could benefit from knitting for us, then please do contact us.

For news of our events and charity distributions please see our News and Events page.

A simple knitted jumper will keep a small child warm
Hats are quick to make and keep small heads warm
Colourful squares can be sewn into multi-coloured blankets
Izzy dolls are perfect for small hands to hold